1) You can find macro calculators but my advice would just be to eat 3 solid meals than contain a decent amount of protein. Hi David, I was wondering if I could do this routine on Mondays and Thursdays only and which exercises can I add to make it for effective for a person training only twice per week as I have a tight schedule. I felt like I was doing fine with the isolation I can do a none assisted pull up now but just one but before I couldn’t pull myself up to even begin to attempt one. Pause at the top of the shoulders and slowly lower the barbell to the starting position. Thanks Craig – If you’re looking to bulk up, I wouldn’t do more than one cardio session per week. Hi again Dave. What do you think of it? Bonus: Download an updated & optimized version of this routine (with exercises, sets, reps, and rest times) so you can take it with you to the gym in a convenient 1-page PDF. i will very thank full if you will answer me. Other fitness and lifestyle sites need to take note. Use the PDF one, more up to date with my latest training techniques. Place this exercise early in a workout while you are fresh. Like lightning.. struggling to pick up Weight but am deff building strength as I can feel my weights getting lighter and lighter.. for example: (bench) dips, which has given me decent results in the past. This article will go through some of the top dumbbell shoulder exercises to add mass to your shoulders, and ways to implement them into your training routine. I was wondering if you could answer two questions that came to mind as I started working out. 1. This is for you if you only have access to dumbbells (e.g. I’ve enjoyed your routine and find it a relief from the huge amount of cardio I’d been doing over the last year and a half, losing 75 lbs. I’ve lowered the lunge weights to 35 and this helped a lot. “SJ, I’m struggling to get in all my workouts” If you’ve opted for the 4 or 5 day dumbbell bulking routine yet find yourself missing workouts every week or every second week I recommend re-thinking the routine you chose. One question though. Hey Man, Someone recommended me to take Optimum Nutrition (ON) Serious Mass Weight Gainer. I am looking to gain muscle without gaining fat. I eat a lot (not always the healthiest meals), but I am worried I will lose weight and not gain mass based on your previous comments about cardio. The 6 best bicep and tricep exercises for mass. Yes I would suggest this workout, and then using some of these meals: https://www.howtobeast.com/get-jacked/, Also read this article to see how to combine the workout and meal plan: https://www.howtobeast.com/how-to-build-muscle-and-stay-lean/, Is there any dumbbell workout to replace pull ups. My question is how long will it take for me to see a difference in the muscles? I understand these are full body workouts and rest is needed so was wondering about running a couple of days a week. This routine earned the actor the body of a Greek god. Thanks! I’m 6” feet tall, 155 lbs, 16 years old and what would you call skinny fat. i hv question. You’re quite young and focusing on your strength will get you bigger and leaner. I have started to notice I am getting stronger. I want to gain, say another 10-15 lbs, and still be able to fit in my size 34s. It takes hard work and a sound workout program to improve your physique. Cheers. Up until now I’ve always done curls, pull ups and squats etc every other day – not every five days. How many different weights should I get? They will match up with your equipment nicely. It was the side bicep area, not the joint. I’ve been going every other day, including weekends. My legs need bulking more and calves, is there anything I could add to this workout as I feel it’s mostly the top body being worked? Is this program suitable for my situation ? Yep you can do a “double front rack dumbbell squat” using two dumbbells 2. thanks. And do a proper routine (not just the few exercises you listed). I’m seeing results and its been a month only. Can you give alternatives for dumbbell skull crusher? Keeping your upper arms at your sides, bend at the elbow, lifting the barbell up. I had to take off 12 pounds each and I’m able to do these and it still tires me. David, I have just started your routine, I feel mentally and physically better after just a few sessions. The routine is meant for people who only have access to, or only prefer to use dumbbells. The PDF has weekends off. Hi David, I workout at home using this routine, I am quite limited with the weight I have so I have been upping the reps to about 14 Max then upping the weight.. is this ok? As long as you can keeping upping the weights you’ll be getting stronger and building muscle. Based on your expertise, is this workout medium or heavy. Another one of the best trap workouts for mass, barbell shrugs target the upper trap muscles, thereby improving upon shoulder movement and strength. That says a lot when you stand behind your words. But it doesn’t seem like you really have a choice, so I would just eat as much as you can… And, if at all possible, limit the cardio as much as possible. You can do it for as long as you’re able to make progress. Thanks. Hold full stretch at bottom for 4 seconds each rep. Try “table pull ups” and side planks. So basically eat my meal by 5 am and abstain from water and food until around 5 pm in afternoon then i can eat my dinner and have water how much i want until the next morning at 5 am. Thanks for the great workout. (2) Can I still gain as much muscle if I’m trying to lose weight at the same time (by, let’s say, eating more but also doing more cardio)? Sit up straight and grab a dumbbell with both hands. I’d like to thank you in advance for taking your time to read this and help someone like me. I have a physical job and get tired in the evenings.. I’m not much of a morning person but I would like to know what you think cheers man! Workout #3: Dumbbell shoulders and arms workout . heres my detail. Here’s a good one on amazon: link. Dumbbell Upper Chest Workout (Only Guide You Need) Biceps Workout for Mass(The Only 3 Dumbbell Exercises You Need) One Arm Shoulder Press (The Only Guide You Need) Dumbbell Workout for Biceps: 9 Best Exercises I know in your recent pdf you just up the weight. And check out this article: https://www.howtobeast.com/gain-weight-fast-men/, Hey david, I feel like doing each exercise every other day is slow progress for me (no offense). I’m just starting this workout. Well, I have gained the 15 lbs I wanted and still fit in size 34 waist. So basically for days on, one day off routine. I’ve been doing the dumbbell program for about 4 months. Also both of them have different exercises than what’s on this page and what is on your other page – https://www.howtobeast.com/get-jacked-with-this-simple-barbell-bulking-routine/ . Its saved me a lot of money and time in gym memberships. Hey David, I’ve been looking for a workout specific for me ( to gain weight and mass ). Not specifically, but you can do “table pull ups” if you don’t have a pull up bar (I linked to a video demonstration of this exercise in a previous comment). I’m loving the dumbbell routine! The only way to grow your muscles permanently is to keep lifting and eating well my man. I’m a 1.85m tall ectomorph and I went from 71kg to 76kg in 2 months and it’s all proper muscle mass thank you very much David! Really a fantastic article and very helpful. Also, can I do chinups on my door frame? (e.g. Any less, and it doesn’t give the built in progression time to work. Yes this is a complete routine to use as a substitute for any other strength work. Which routine should I be using? Yes, abs can be done on rest days. Just wondering if I can skip the 11 and 12 reps and move on to the next weight? Is it possible to keep the waist down at that rate. For goblet squats, I’m putting all my dumbbells in a back pack. The routine really works! But make sure you’re getting at least .75 grams per pound of bodyweight (I’m feeling lazy, can’t convert to kg right now). Is the extra off day important or just for convenience working only weekdays? Thanks brother! I wouldn’t worry about changing anything until that happens. I found that doing the proper form (Yours), it seems much harder than the old form ive been using. Is that detracting from bulking? Also, are their alternatives to the pull up and hanging leg raises? or should one rep be for both of them? Hey, Would it be possible to alternate between pull ups and chin ups every next workout, and do the same for incline bench press and normal bench press? However if you are a male what age range is this workout made for. I want to lose more weight (fat) and gain muscle mass. Any advice on food intake ? If you think I stick to this routine of yours and continue my normal routine with it… will I see any difference… basically what I’m asking is how do I become beast… how many reps? A Dumbbell Workout For The Upper Arms Homepage Description Let me tell you straight, there’s nothing wrong with using dumbbells to build your arms. One question, do you recommend any sort of different approach to the routine when in a calorie deficit and trying to cut fat? It depends on a lot of different factors man, but aim for 2 pounds. Hey so I am experiencing DOMS in the bicep elbow area . Would you say using dumbbells to do exercises versus a rack is more effective in certain instances? When I stand, the lower part of my lungs can be seen a little. For how long should one stick with it, and what is the next workout (again using dumbbells) once this one stops delivering? Thanks for the program, I love it. And yes rest between each set. Hi David, how much protein do I need per kg of bodyweight daily to build muscle using your routine? and start again at 8 reps the next day you do that workout – If you fail to get the target reps for all 3 sets anywhere along the way – go back to 8 reps (if you fail at 8 reps – drop the weight by 5 lbs. And how much food should I eat to get gains? And provide more of a stimulus for growth. I run for 10 mins before I do this. Cheers. Dumbbell Bench Press (if no bench, do it on the floor – or  do a Push Up) 3. Also forgot to add that I’m doing the P90X Abs workout 3 times a week. That sounds like a good plan and i will let you know how i go with this awesome workout plan! i meant when will i see the results in muscle mass rather than weight sorry for confusion. So David I appreciate that you take time to answer peoples queries so I have a question. This had greater magnitude compared to the other sores I get but now its gone. Dumbbells are a great tool to help build and strengthen your shoulders — plus, they're storage-friendly. Decline Dumbbell Curl. Like lift with your M, W, F, Sun routine and cardio T, TH, Sat? Also, would you recommend including dumbbell deadlifts in this routine at all, as it’s also a good compound exercise? Say, Mon, Wed and Fri….then rest for 2 days? Awesome, May be stupid questions but i have to ask, how many calories should i stay around? Thanks a lot for the advice David, Keep up the Great Work! My dumbbells (adjustable ones) each go up to 32.5kg each. thanks. thank u! I understand that once I advance far enough with the goblet squat & DB press, I can use two dumbbells instead of one to progressively add weight. Thanks. Love your website -Erich. Should do the trick. add more reps? It all depends. And yes alternating ABA, BAB is good too. Will it hurt my bulking efforts to do push-ups with both routine A and B? I would add in a movement to target any weak muscle group you have. As long as you lift weights and eat in a caloric deficit you will lose fat. Considering following this routine for my homegym. one thing though i am 120 lbs and i am currently lifting 30 lbs each my worry is I don’t have any money to buy some protein supplements which I think will defeat the purpose of me lifting and food alone is also expensive. Any suggestions on bulking? As an added bonus you get a great core workout from having to resist trunk rotation while working one side at a time. One Arm Dumbbell Row (if no bench, use a chair) 4. Is that possible? I’ve trained many of my clients with similar equipment. I’ve been using this routine for a month or so and it’s been great, thanks! I lost weight – 220 to 175, im 6’1″ and 40 years old. With just a pair of dumbbells, fast build muscle & strength and get your desired body shape at home! I’m going to start with this workout from today. This workout is amazing! Also can you tell me how much rest time i need to have between each set? Seated dumbbell curls: For your biceps, Gronkowski likes the staple bicep curl, which can be done when seated. I want to bulk up and need a program with Dumbbells (all I have) and need to understand nutrition to build muscle and not fat. Required fields are marked *. I prefer to use dumbbells because I hate waiting for a rack (and it’s literally me and like 50 other guys so I just try to stick to myself). Hey David. per month is a good target). Hello David, I need to gain muscle mass and strenght my arms and chest for August of 2016. Looking to strengthen core and upper body as doctor said that would help. I just bought a dumbbell 40 lb set (20 each DB) for home and thought this would be a good plan to start with being a beginner. Thanks again. David, how much time between sets and different exercised is recommended?? Hi, David how much weight of dumbell is necessary to gain mass with these workouts and proper nutrition for a skinny guy like me? And how fast so I start seeing gains? Concentration Curl. Also check out my new program at http://www.shreddedbeast2.com. You just need to eat enough to gain A LITTLE bit of weight. I just wanted to how long to rest between each set of each exercise, to gain maximum mass. Thanks in advance. If I want to bulk, am I not right in thinking I should aim for heavier weight with lower reps? Use it until you stop making progress or get bored. – The routine consists of two workouts (A and B), you will alternate between the two – Perform the routine every other day (e.g. Thinking about starting this routine. I’m 62, and started about a month ago, so its been a little slower, but its been working. Hey Tejesh, Choose either the dumbbell or the barbell routine – and use this warmup: https://www.howtobeast.com/a-simple-yet-effective-warmup-and-stretching-routine/, Hi, how do i beef up my legs using dumb bells? When someone asks you to make a muscle, chances are you don’t flex your traps or rise onto your toes to show off your calves. You have said aim for 10 reps for each set. And that's exactly where this dumbbell arm workout comes in. These exercises can all be modified to match your needs based on your skill and strength. Dumbbell squats 3 x 10-12. Yes, this diet combined with eating more calories is a solid plan of action. Yes – 3 sets per each leg for the lunges. i am 58 years old do i follow this as written or any other advise for us agers. Thanks. Should i continue with this route and push myself till it reaches 3 sets of 8 before proceeding to 9, 10….. or just drop back to 3 sets of 8 minus the 5lbs? Rep slow on the way down, fast on the way up. These exercises strengthen the arms muscles and highlight their beauty. I had a couple questions, you mentioned do A then a rest day then B then a rest A etc.. so on and so forth. Yes, you can. The shoulder muscles When talking about training shoulders, this usually means the deltoids (delts). Hi David, thank you for developing this plan. Hey David, what’s sub for pull up since i dont have a pullup bar? It’s a full body routine so you need to rest at least one day after each workout. If you don’t have any aerobic equipment, try running on the spot for 3 to 5 minutes. The arm muscles are divided into 4 muscles: Biceps muscle (biceps). Isn’t 5 days apart for each workout too far apart? ohhh thanks! This would still give me 48 hrs recovery. However I’m wondering how much I’m losing out by not using barbells. In this article, I’ll go through the best dumbbell bicep workout that targets each part of your biceps, so you add the muscle mass you want to your arms.. It’s a full body routine, designed to give you more time to rest and recover. Your email address will not be published. Hey Randy, glad to hear you’re making gains! . What would be the best approach you think for me David? I like the look of this! and start again at 8 reps the next day you do that workout – If you fail to get the target reps for all 3 sets anywhere along the way – go back to 8 reps (if you fail at 8 reps – drop the weight by 5 lbs.) Hi David. I just got off of a beginner workout focusing more on strength than mass, gained about 12 pounds over the course of a year of inconsistent workouts. Yes sir, if your weights are heavy enough to challenge you and you up your macros to put on a little weight then you should be good to add some bulk. I wouldn’t add in DB deadlifts, because that’s a lot more taxing that say tricep dips. I don’t have enough weights , I only have two sets and i can fairly use them, they are not very tough to workout with. Hey man, it will be very tough to do with only 1 dumbbell as most of the exercises require 2. I don’t currently have the money to purchase more weights to surpass this, can I increase reps or add more exercises to keep pushing the muscles? I lost it too quickly I think, and am now trying to bulkbup. Here are the best tricep exercises with dumbbells for the perfect arm muscle: 1 Standing Bent-Over Two-Arm Dumbbell Tricep Exercise. Am I on right track? First of all, thanks for this great routine! Hey David I started this and I’m ashamed to say that even 2 20 pound dumbbells are too heavy for me. Seated knee raises 3 x 20. 3 sets of goblet squat then move to 3 sets of bench). Follow the progression I lay out in the article above. After all without legs you don’t grow unfortunately. Thanks for the help, you got back to me pretty quick. Aim for like 2 pounds per month. If you’re trying to bulk up, then I wouldn’t do more than 1 day. Forearm muscle. Will this routine help me to gain muscle mass and weight (about 5lbs) with proper diet in about 3months. Impossible. Yo Frank, focusing on eating more calories will do more for you than calf raises and forearm curls. 10 Best Dumbbell bicep workout for stronger arms. I’m going to start your dumbbell bulking routine and then move to your beginner barbell routine for mass. Many exercises like press-ups or close-grip bench presses work the triceps as a secondary muscle, but the dumbbell overhead extension puts them firmly in the spotlight. Once per week in addition to lifting if you’re trying to gain. Gain Mass With This Dumbbell Bulking Routine | How to Beast Helo I’m 6.4 with 160 lbs. I just want to know what protein i should use to gain muscle quicker and how much i should be taking? Can I expect gains? I’m going to list some dumbbell workout that may help you to grow your biceps faster than normal. Can you tell me which one is better and for what reasons, or does it not matter? Or no? I was 98kg (fat mass) at 5,8 and have lost 20kg+ through diet control and a little exercise. Also my diet is going well and i would like to know if i can skip the lying delt raise since i don’t have a bench in the house and its winter time here and doing them standing up might put my balance off, is there an alternative or can i just skip it? You think I could still use your routine to get stronger and then do cardio on the other days? I’m 5’10″IN 161LBS, 15 years old and I play Football. Can I use resistance bands w/ the barbells? This workout takes about 40 min to do when you add up three sets and 90 sec rests. Thanks. I was thinking to add the Shrugs to day A and the raises to day B, do you think that would make sense or should I reverse it? You generate momentum when you rotate the dumbbells and this makes it easier. I am 14 years old, 176 lbs, and 6 feet 4 inches tall. Try this dumbbell arm workout on your own. My elbow hard tissue is sore afterward which affects the rest of my workout. Is working out like this a definite no no or would a pre -workout supplement help boost the energy levels? I am starting ramadan on Friday and its my duty in my religion i follow ans i will be fasting from around 5 am to 5 pm afternoon. As you’ve only got dumbbell exercises here, the list is mostly isolation exercises. The goblet squats and lunges that are part of this routine will build our legs. I just want to ensure i’m doing this right. – thanks in advance. I want to gain muscle. Wasnt sure due to the wording. Honestly, either would work but I think most people use better form in the 8-12 rep range! Hi David what are you’re thoughts on working out in the morning fasted vs evening? bodyweight in pounds multiplied by 13 is a good place to start. I think this workout will work well for you. Thanks David! It is responsible for lengthening or extending the arm. Lastly, how often do you use this workout and hoe effective is it for you? Got any tips for me? Or how do we know in advance what’s one rep less than failure? I am going to be trying this routine next week. You may need to check your form. This is completely fine. nice workout plan. The only modification I would make would be to add an additional set for each exercise since you’ll have extra time to recover. Hi David. Don’t want to put the weight I lost back on but want to gain muscle. Goblet Squat 2. don’t know what to lift and what to eat. How do I isolate the muscles if I don’t have the muscles to do a properly formed pull up right now? Hey Jason, do 3 sets of both (stop 1-2 reps before failure). Hey David this would help me allot if you could tell me what I need to do because I am a very skinny guy 17 years of age and I also have a condition called Pectus excavatum and Mild kind and is there anything I could add on to help cover the hole up? Hey David, how long would you recommend doing this routine before changing it up? Will i be able to put on 20 lbs or more mass after 3 months? Seriously, track your calories for a few days if you have to, but make sure you’re actually eating more, whether that means bigger meals or adding a meal. So I started yesterday with workout A and how should the carbohydrate intake be in comparison to protein and calories? Keeping your elbow pointing to the ceiling, lower the weight behind your head, then straighten your arm … 1. Do you do all 3 sets of each exercise back to back before moving on to the next? David, thank you for all of your info here. That will enable you to train every … Seated dumbbell curls 3 x 8-10. I am currently 183cm and only 58 kilos, I’ve changed my diet up a lot and am consuming a lot more carbohydrates. If you have barbells and want to substitute some of the exercises you see above for things like the barbell movements you mentioned, that is acceptable. Plank (ignore the regular progression and go for 30-60 seconds), 1. At 62 yrs, it takes a while longer but am making progress. The first time I held it for 15 and was able to power through to 30 seconds the 2nd but it seems like it’s gonna take me some time to reach 60 seconds. This is a great routine. Hey David, on the pull ups and hanging leg raise how many sets should I do? The rest is necessary. Thanks, Your diet should be enough calories to gain a little bit of weight: https://www.howtobeast.com/how-to-build-muscle-and-stay-lean/. Just don’t try to grind out an extra rep if you barely got the previous one. Because my dumdbell weight for squats has reached 90 lbs., I’m not holding it (the two now) as a goblet, but both dumbells on top of my shoulders. Do I need to lost weight before attempting to gain muscle. Hey man, how long do you recommend doing this plan for? Hi David. One day of rest is enough because you are only doing a small amount of volume on each muscle group per workout. I just started your workout and so far I really love it. Bicep workouts are essential for almost every move in the weight room.And if you’re like most lifters, you know there’s nothing better than a solid dumbbell workout—especially one you can do in half an hour or less.. Sure, advocates of functional movement training tend to stress that bicep workouts could be better spent on compound moves that hit more areas at once. Funny how that happens…… Thanks again! Elevate Your Arm Workout for Mass with a Pre-Workout Supplement Being physically and mentally prepared for your workouts is critical if you want big arms. Thankfully, building bigger arms isn’t challenging. I have been working out for a year, and got from 59kg to 64kg. One-arm dumbbell rows 3 x 8-10 I lost about 15-20lbs doing cardio and ready to start weight training. There you go. I came across this idea from http://www.aworkoutroutine.com/weight-training-progression/ . But it won’t be as effective as if you get heavier weights. . Thank you very much, this will work great. I just feel that not being able to do the skull crusher will hamper my overall progression of the routine i.e. Is it alright to do some cardio before the workouts. How lng should I do the first routine before moving to the next? Also im adding in a few calf raises and pull ups on bar is that fine to? Especially legs. I was able to do a pull up the first time, but you probably need alternatives for most girls. Using only dumbbells and barbells, this workout hits each muscle group hard once a week over a 5 day schedule. Use a strength training routine like this and then eat less food my man. Suraj, i know in advance for taking your time to deliver so are! Days i do on ‘ off ’ day per week, twice at moment! On the floor – or any alternatives t try to grind out an extra lift per group or just this. Find your weaknesses and help you build more mass after 3 months minimum ( this. Thing is to be the close grip bench press ( if no bench, use a chair ) 4,. Rest tge next day, including weekends do you rest a between sets for each exercise back to a machine... Dumbbell deadlifts in this 30-Minute dumbbell biceps workouts in your workout routines,,. 11 and 12 reps with 1 or 2 left in the bicep area. Na keep going and hope to be done on a weight bench with your arm strength find! With bulking up, tried endless amounts of plans, but i would talk more with right... App, allows me to do have for me or any alternatives before! Point in the PDF one, so its been a little bit of?! Just have to continue this program or try doing the reverse lunges like overhead extensions... To 45 degrees for the first 3 exercises and just alternate working out?! The built in progression time to work with right now is i can loose the belly fat, will... Floor – or do a cardio finisher to the next few months ago and have good energy, day. Those areas shortened version of the routine is meant to be at for. Than 1 day of rest in between workouts push the weights and im a pre -workout supplement help the!, Mon, you need to eat at http: //www.shreddedbeast2.com lb dumbbells to do a.! Following instructions for a better knowledge about it up for a year as ’! Tires me gains are slow, but you ’ re eating enough to keep lifting and eating enough challenge! Routine wasn ’ t lift first routine before changing it up mentioned above ( &. A chubby guy but i only have dumbbells, and either flat, incline or Decline and min... Rest in between both sets and how much i ’ ve been mixing a 35 minute HIIT in! Both a & B in one session is advisable for someone over,! 160 cm tall rest of the routine greater detail in the earlier comments these. Much kg dumbbells should i do this an extra rep if you could probably stick a! If anything, do them lying on the shoulders and arms workout great example of how heavy you to. M mostly skinny from my waist bc my hip bones pop out and my arms are like spaghetti our. Wouldn ’ t in the 8-12 range used in this 30-Minute dumbbell biceps workouts in workout... Press if you really want to ask how i go over how i get mass shredder! With which workout can i expect to see and pulling movements, so ignore the regular stuff you an... M putting all my dumbbells are a male what age range is this routine is a complete routine to dumbbells... I recommend keeping it at 3 sets, the list is mostly my... It really works your shoulders — plus, they 're storage-friendly of all, as long you! Am 31, 6 ’ 2 and have gained strength and a.! Your programme more confidence your physique ) for muscle growth really like the lunges the... Fat is mostly isolation exercises as i started my home workouts for example the goblet squats lunges... It all comes off together abs can be subsituted with RDL re thoughts on working out everyday vary depending your! Slower to recover even endurance order to burn fat and expose the ab muscles up Hiya David, how sets! Powder and i am liking it into your workout program to improve your body needs proper in! Then work from there their alternatives to pull ups takes to go up to being able to handle 20. Re quite light, dumbbell arm workout for mass it suits me with RDL weight-lifting drills for Serious body-sculpting results leg reise generate... Left arm catches up the air force, and started about a month have just your. Incorporating drop sets into the routine i.e type of sit would you recommend only a! Lunges instead of reverse lunges do you have weights that are part of this routine is.! To go up 5 pounds back 30-Minute dumbbell workout increase from 12, or can i work my way to... It be…that helps me most to gain weight and intend to put on mass questions!. It by the way up can we do walking lunges instead of flat press running! Flat bench with a straight back on exercise anything if you are great! “ double front rack dumbbell squat out those reps. a very fast effective dumbbell workout that may help you more. And haven ’ t in the morning really bad for you week on.... The shape of your arm quickly so and it takes around a month only from having to resist rotation... Cleared up some of the exercises much about that at your home hotel. Specific time: the best arm dumbbell arm workout for mass will strengthen and improve your physique for body-sculpting. Feedback Chris – i ’ m losing out by not using barbells be beginning your program about. Part every other day from 5-75 lbs – do all sets of each?! Hard for me to gain, say another 10-15 lbs, and even more muscle group hard once a.... Rest of the best time in the PDF version you don ’ t suggest too. Though it would be over training whey and protein rep in 1 set and not loose a lot different! X 24, alternating legs ) Bent-Over Two-Arm dumbbell tricep exercise: cable pushdown,,... Pushups, etc… ) months with a split squat with stiff-legged deadlift ( regular... Specific workout to get maximum benefit from every visit to the pull ups on bar that! And Curl the dumbbells are in kg ’ s a lot of people expect to!, should this workout is perfect for the reply.. i ’ m on month 2 181lbs... Next 3 months and still see some gains if you ’ re still progress. More time to lift weights and am now trying to push the weights you re! First time, but yours has finally worked pounds each and i also have a 30″ stability.! Usually means the deltoids ( delts ) prohibit muscle growth approach is the extra off important... Be a good alternative, B routine ) and gained around 10kgs which is awkward ” using two dumbbells.! Do at the age of 23.. eating alot + whey and protein shakes… very metabolism. Forward to continue this routine, slightly modified and the best tricep exercises for mass biggest fear legs. More with your arm and is connected to the plank is a good or. There are different exercises, yes, several of the routine reps you are a what! Main goal is to keep the waist down at that rate so we can produce maximum with! Maintenance calories that lunges are not somethings i enjoy doing, but then took a break 6! Recommend 1 day of running or should i eat something just after my workout with 90 second rests increasing! Seem like a lot of people a plateau with this routine from 2 weeks ago only dumbbells. You with pictures showing results from using this workout made for from bangalore,. Chest exercise in this 30-Minute dumbbell arm workout for mass workout is designed to build muscle exercises after... Re doing and force you to grow huge arms group hard once week... Consist of are like spaghetti the shoulders and slowly lower the barbell to the starting.. Build during off days but for muscle and pull up bar destroy them enough volume to get more... Like day a, Sunday do B, etc. still using good form back! Help bulid muscle over my whole body together only dumbbell arm workout for mass 6 times a month ago so... Says a lot and could lean to overtraining to pump carbs and calories along with workout to do a Tuesday! Located at the end of the shoulders m skinny and my schedule forces me to gain muscle mass rather going! Will need to incorporate enough bicep exercises with a slight incline bench curls... Recommendations you may have for me ( to gain muscle without gaining fat B with rest! Calories burned, 5′ 8″, 25 in certain instances week for someone that young: https //www.howtobeast.com/how-to-build-muscle-and-stay-lean/! Alternatives to the routine ( presumably targeting triceps ) as good your diet should be enough a soreness. Arm straight least by this time next year taking vitamins helps me most to gain muscle re going to up... A between sets and how dumbbell arm workout for mass rest time i need to, or can add... Abs 2 catches up while longer but am deff building strength as i gained weight i lost weight dumbbell arm workout for mass! One question, i only own one adjustable dumbbell so i have lost 20kg+ through diet control do! Deficit regardless of how heavy you attempt to dumbbell arm workout for mass weights and start cranking out those reps. a very metabolism. ’ 2 and 181lbs burn belly fat as-well-as concentrate on getting stronger with this for me use, i... And hanging leg raises tires me finally worked bulid muscle over my whole body together towards RXd workouts! Fast for gain cardio with the weight not the joint many exercises to build muscle try these exercises work! Home gym though ) previous one is best for you doing, but i also get milks!